Sunday, May 4, 2008


A trip to Maker Faire!

I'm sorry to have missed Stephanie yesterday, but there was no way to get out of work at the public library. I didn't think that I would go today because I took The Dork to a fencing competition. However, he didn't do so well, and we were done and on our way out of San Francisco around 11 AM. Since I had one of The Dork's coaches with us, I thought maybe we should take him home first to Redwood City and then reverse back up to San Mateo. But J thought it would be fun to go with us.

We saw lots of cool stuff! A guy in a cool leather reptilian costume (he was giving directions to someone),

R2-D2 (fully automated, remote controlled),

and a walking giraffe.

Please excuse the bad camera shots; they were taken with my cell phone, as this was an Unexpected Detour and I didn't have the good camera.

Over at the blacksmith's area (an old fire engine, converted into a forge), I was watching a glassblower work on a beautiful glass ring, when all of a sudden she got up, squealed and hugged someone. That someone was also Unexpected for me - Yarn-a-go-go! And then realized that I was standing next to Lala! Alas, no pictures, however.

Another Unexpected thing - I'm turning the heel on the first of The Dork's socks. Somehow I did not expect to get this far this quickly, even though it's been about a week. I guess that actually knitting on them makes them grow! (Thanks to a faculty meeting, and wandering around the Maker Faire.)

And why, oh why, is Monday always Unexpected....?!

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Jo said...

I love that giraffe. Love him. The glass blowing was cool, too - my 7-year-old wants to take a class there.