Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

We have just enjoyed a wonderful meal - smoked turkey, mashed sweet potatoes, swiss chard, homemade cranberry sauce - and I'm now digesting on the couch. I'll be knitting as soon as I'm finished with this post. After the Hubby leaves to head to a gathering in Oakland, I'll roll myself in to the shower before heading over to Sandi's house for more fun and merriment.

I'm thankful for my family, my health, the weather (eating outside on the back patio in late November!), a roof over my head, food to eat and of course, all my friends, both virtual and in person.

Believe it or not, our garden is still producing! Those 2 Fuyu persimmons at the top were all we got off the tree this year - but we did not have to fight the squirrels for them this time. They've discovered someone else's tree in the neighborhood, and while running the fence line sometimes drop the persimmons in our yard. The Dog then gets something yummy! And yes, we still have some tomatoes. Those are San Marzano tomatoes but they're the last of the crop.

Hope your Thanksgiving was spent with people you love!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I really, honestly, truly mean to blog more frequently, but I don't know where the time has gone to. What do you mean "Thanksgiving is almost here"?

Part of my problem has been the time change. With it now being dark even before I leave school, I'm exhausted when I get home. It doesn't help that my students over the last couple weeks have been driving me crazy with their lack of sense. Since Halloween, any hope of academic success seems to have disappeared, not to return until after the New Year. And don't get me started about their parents...

When I've had a bit of free time, I've gone on walkabout (hey no-blog-Rachel - this weekend?), played with the dog and done some crafting - just not all fiber-related. Well, I guess it technically is fiber-related, just not yarn-related.

I've gone a little nuts with the rubber-stamping. I've been needing lots of cards lately, both for happy and sad events, and I keep telling myself that I can do better for less $. Ironically, I've also spent a lot lately in my search for the perfect supplies... (okay, never mind that I still have a lot of leftover cards from past years. Does anyone really remember who sent you which Christmas card last year?)

I even remembered that for several years (college and beyond) I made all my Christmas cards. Didn't have access to all these wonderful stamping supplies, but a bit of calligraphy, some clip art and a copy machine... but now I have a date with a heat gun and embossing powder!

And yes, there really has been knitting going on. Unfortunately, leaving the house before the sun is really over the horizon and returning when it's dark is not conducive to getting any reasonable pictures.

Here's another lesson that I learned the hard way: don't make major decisions about your knitting when you're tired! Working on Cleite, it felt about big enough after 8 repeats (pattern calls for 9). I'm using fingering weight yarn (Panda Silk) instead of laceweight, so I felt pretty good about it. I was pretty tired and having to hold my eyelids up with toothpicks to finish the binding off - by golly, I was going to be able to say I finished something this month! However, after binding it off, I realized that it wasn't quite there. Of course, with my luck, I'll wet- or steam-block it and the darn thing will grow and grow and grow. So, picking out the binding is the next step. At least I have plenty of yarn - another 2 balls.

Also started work on JD's Susie (Ravelry link)from More Big Girl Knits. We made the decision to switch yarns, from Plymouth Encore (color #668) to Dream in Color Classy (in "Good Luck Jade") since the cable definition in Encore was pretty pathetic at the gauge I needed. I'm liking the Classy a lot more, and we laughed that if she and I have coordinating sweaters (it's the same yarn that I used for my Cardigan to Love), we can double-team The Hubby!

Speaking of holding up my eyelids, it's getting late. With any luck this weekend, I'll actually be able to take daylight pictures to post here. Then I'll be at school for 2 parent-teacher conference days, then 5 wonderful days off for Thanksgiving.

See you at Purlescence's Pajama Jammie Jam at 6 AM on Friday after Turkey Day. The earlier you get there, the bigger the discount!