Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Great Balls...

this time it's a dog toy!

The Dog was given a toy ball that had been used as a prop during the Kindergarten show mentioned before, the one that I made the huge yarn balls for. She seems to really love it, playing with The Dork.

Here, she's playing with the same toy, 15 minutes later. Notice anything missing?

In knitting content, The Hubby's socks are finally finished and I started The Dork's socks. The Housemate's sweater is actually starting to happen too! Pictures will be posted in a few days when I can photograph them in something resembling natural light.

The Dog doesn't get any socks or sweaters...


AlisonH said...

Never read when you're too tired to read. I got that last line and that last picture mentally scrambled with the part before, and thought for a moment the dog had turned your sweater project into a pile of rope and random fiber. Time to go to sleep!

Kathy in San Jose said...

I can see how Alison misread this! I've edited the spacing to get the knitting content away from the dog-eaten fiber content.

Never post when you're too tired to read!