Thursday, May 15, 2008

9-1/2 inches of meetings

The Hubby had that many phone meetings/conference calls today. He proudly came and showed me his progress on some practice knitting that he'd been working on. We'd decided that a smaller ball of lighter-colored yarn would be better for him to start on because he was getting frustrated with the thick/thin qualities of the beautiful purple handspun he wanted to use. But, by George, I think he's got it!

I didn't quite have that much knitting time this week, but through the fencing competition last weekend, one meeting and a few rounds here and there while keeping control of the chaos of 4th graders practicing their poetry presentations aloud, some progress was made. One sock done, one toe started. Luckily Mr. Size 11 Wide Shoes (aka The Dork) decided he wanted short socks! I realized that I need to get the 3rd pair of socks (mine - probably Monkeys in STR lightweight, Peaseblossom) done by the middle of June.

The Montego Bay scarf also got some attention. I'll really have to step this one up because I want to present it to my secret pal in 2 weeks. This is about 18" long.

Oh, and the baby blankets that need making, and a retirement scarf present... I really should get off the computer and get knitting!

P.S. The Dork didn't do so well at the Pasadena competition ("Yes, I was 111th out of 114! and 48th out of 48! and 57th out of 63!") but we knew that the level of the competitors was going to be very high. It was good experience for him and the other guys from the club who were there. If he trains hard this summer and into next season, he'll be in a much better position to earn a higher rating. Meanwhile, there are a few more smaller fencing tourneys over the next month before Summer Nationals (July 1-10 here in San Jose). He'll be coaching some of the younger kids from our club then.

P.P.S. And the other member of the family? She's providing lots of bird-nesting materials! That's just a few minutes of finger-combing her fur this evening.

3 comments: said...

You are one busy woman! Are you sure there is only one of you??? Love what you're knitting, esp. the scarf pattern. Do tell! I'm glad D has a good attitude about his learning curve in fencing. Reminds me of a quote about writing: "The only way I know to become a good writer is to be a bad writer and keep on improving." Now if the quote weren't from a flaming right-wing pundit. 8^( Happy weekend! ~Stacie

Maureen said...

2 &1/2 weeks left? We have a few more than that... til the end of June. We have a long week starting today and the kids were great today. I thought it would be crazy! Happy to hear kids are the same there as they are here!

Love the Montego Bay scarf you are working on! Lovely!!

AlisonH said...

Wish I could get my hubby to try knitting! Good for yours!