Saturday, May 30, 2009


So, I started working on a blog post 2 weeks ago for Mother's Day. I forget why I had to stop, but it's been busy enough that I haven't had time to get back to it!

So, what have I been working on...

I finished this:
Pattern: Shawl that jazz
Yarn: Rowan Silk Wool DK, 9 balls of Velvet
Size 9 needles
Begun April 26, 2009
Finished May 10, 2009

This is the shawl for my best friend, who's been undergoing some trials, both emotional and physical. Originally this yarn was meant for a sweater for me, but I think she needs it more right now. I loved knitting it so much that I started another one (in Woobu) for a former coworker who really needs some hugs.

Also started a Sea&Shells stole (about 2/3 the way down the page) in my beloved Malabrigo MerinoCash, hoping to wear it at the end-of-the-year dinner for work (only 4 more days of school!), but the above-mentioned shawl took precedence. I'll get it done by the Opening Dinner in August.

I'm loving the warmer weather here in Northern California, because this is what's happening outside in our backyard:
Blackberries (not quite ripe yet, but getting there!)

Squash (crookneck and pattypan)

Melons and basil

Evidence of persimmon carnage. We had to thin the persimmons on the tree, otherwise we'd be overwhelmed in the fall. This is maybe 1/3 of the teeny fruit on the tree. If you recall 2 years ago, we got over 40 persimmons off the newly planted tree. Last year, we only got 2, but they were huge. This year, we're hoping for a reasonable crop. And there will be plenty, even with the thin-out!

And more fruits and veggies and outdoor meals to come.

Speaking of mothers...this mourning dove has made her nest on our patio roof, under the kiwi vines. From below, we can see the bottom of the nest.

(I'm sitting out on the patio typing this, and she just moved off the nest. Eggs!)

We also have sparrow nestlings behind the basketball backboard on the garage. Boy are they noisy!
But even better, the 17-year-old boy Dork gave me a Mother's Day hug! Who could ask for anything more? I guess I'll keep him!

Okay, I've worked long enough on this post. I'd better get ready for work!