Saturday, July 25, 2009

Holy smokes - there's been some...

304 yards of 2-ply heavy fingering to sportweight
Chasing Rainbows - Merino Tencel
Color: Abalone (the color is most accurate on the bobbins)

I loved spinning this! I had a hunch that it would be almost effortless, and it was! It took a total of about 8 hours of spinning (I did half of it Sunday, then another hour+ spent plying it). I think this is the most consistent spinning and plying job that I've done so far.

And with that, I'm bowing out of the Tour de Fleece without finishing this year. After 2 solid weeks of spinning, I've got some other, more critical deadlines that need to be met.

I didn't think it was possible, but we got a larger zucchini than the one the other day. This one was 21" long and weighs just over 5 lbs!

Other garden riches:
In (and around) the planter bed closest to the camera:
Pumpkins: the largest one is 15" across, and there's a new baby too! (and the plant is trying to take over the backyard...)
Basil: which is bolting and I haven't had time to cut it back
Butternut squash: 4 and counting

The back planter box has the zucchini, a yellow crookneck variety, Patty Pans (abundant flying saucers), two types of tomatoes, and apparently a melon plant.

I'm now starting to be afraid of how many figs are on that tree in the back of this picture.

And look! When The Hubby dumped the planter that the potato plant was in, we discovered 8 Yukon Gold potatoes. With the heat we had last week, the plants were getting stressed, and we figured that it was all an experiment anyway, so why not. And we all laughed and smiled and clapped because we grew potatoes! There may have been some squeeing too!

Speaking of the above deadlines, one project involves the sewing machine and it must be done before August 1st. The other project involves socks - yes, I'm going to Sock Summit! However, I didn't win the class lottery, but I'm thrilled to be hanging out with the Sockerati (my term for the Sock Glitterati), including the Purlescence crew. Oh - and go see the Purl Up & Dye entries in the Dye for Glory contest on Ravelry. They're gorgeous!

And other wonderful things too - have you seen the new Designs by Romi shawl pins (her new Ewe pins)? They make me smile every time I think of them!

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Ambar said...

Two! TWO melon plants! Ah hah ha ha!