Monday, October 1, 2007

Birthday shenanigans

Had a wonderful birthday weekend, spent with "my people" - fiber fiends! Went to TKGA/CGOA and hung out in the marketplace with Sandi and her family. Saw some wonderful yarns and things, but was very frugal in my spending. Some people can't believe that the only yarn I bought was 2 skeins of Pacific Meadows alpaca in periwinkle (for my secret pal at school). But having done the Great Yarn Inventory of 2007, I realized how much I have and that I can't possibly make a very large dent in it before next February and Stitches West.

As my birthday present to myself, I did buy a lovely shawl pin from Gita Maria. It's not pictured on her website, but this one is called "Granite."

On Sunday, I bought myself a yummy chocolate mousse birthday cake from Bijan bakery and took it to Purlescence where I shared it with the Tea & Sympathy crowd as an advance on Nathania's birthday next week & for her Kevin's birthday a few days ago. Kinda celebrated Sandi's birthday, too, even though she wasn't there! She was at the Renaissance Faire, which I need to get back to one of these days...

Actual knitting:

After the Great Sock Fiasco of a few days ago, I chucked everything back in its bag, with the exception of the size 2 needle. That I pulled out of the old sock and started (with the other size 2 - I triple-checked!) on some Claudia Hand Paint fingering weight yarn in Pink Dot for some basic toe-up socks. So far, so good!

I've found that I'm really good at being in denial about my crafting. I'm such a process knitter and crocheter that I've found that I can ignore an issue until it has become glaringly obvious that I'm not going to be happy with the end product. For example, take the Ribby Shell that I've been working on. It was literally within an inch of the front being completed when I realized that I would not be happy with how the ribbing was lining up front & back at the shoulders. I had noticed that with the back that there weren't the same number of ribs on each side, but figured that no one would notice, so I went on with the front. The right front was done, and I wasn't happy about how poorly the ribbing was lining up with the corresponding stitches in the back, but I still ignored it. When I was close to finishing the left front, I finally had to admit to myself that it wasn't going to work there either and I was just not going to be happy with it.

The issue that I ignored was that I can't count to bind off the correct number of stitches on either side of my marked side stitches. When you are supposed to bind off 7 stitches either side of the marked stitch, and you bind off six on one side and 8 on the other, of course the subsequent ribbing that travels up the side of the armholes doesn't match at the top after all the decreases. There are no pictures of the ensuing carnage, but I did reknit the back today, with the correct number of bound off stitches!

However, I really should head to bed - work calls tomorrow!


Emy said...

That sounds like a fantastic weekend - happy birthday! :)

Cindy said...

A happy birthday weekend indeed!

You were very god at TKGA. I am proud of you. I was not so good, but not TOO bad...

Chocolate Moose Cake from Bijan! I love that stuff! That is my youngest daughter's usual pick for her birthday. Ah, you have such good taste :)

tiggerr said...


Seems to me you had fun.

We were at the Ren Faire and met Sandi. *evil grin*

We're going next Sunday!!!!