Friday, September 28, 2007


So, I was all set to post about Jane's Show your socks contest when I realized something.

Here are my first, second and latest socks. The green pair (unknown Opal yarn) were made at least 5-6 years ago. The Dork had seen the yarn at Stitches and said "Hey Mom, that yarn would make great socks for school." (school colors being green and white, uniforms...) So I made them, and he wore them for about 2 months before outgrowing them. And, oh darn, his feet had been the same size as mine were for those 2 months...MINE!

The 2nd pair was again Opal yarn, and right now I'm too lazy to go look up which colorway it was. They were made a few months after the first pair.

The green/blue/lavender toe-up sock on 2 circs was discovered in the Great Inventory of 2007. I don't remember making it! I had even cast on the second toe right away, hoping to avoid SSS. Clearly that didn't work! Went back and looked in my Knitable program on my Palm Pilot, and it indicates that I made the first one in Feb. 2004. I need a small knitting project to keep in my purse, so I throw this in. In the last couple days, a few stitches here and there.

Tonight, at the fencing club, I'm knitting away when I accidentally grab the back needle's end, instead of the other end of the front needle, thus creating a bit of looped circular and no way to go anywhere! One needle is now completely free of the sock and drops into my lap.

As I'm laughing at myself and slipping the stitches back to where they should be, I realize that I'm fighting the stitches, which seem awfully tight. A closer examination reveals that I have 2 different size needles in this sock. One is a 2 mm and the other is a 2.5 mm needle. What!? How could I not tell that I'm using different sizes? And, horrors, I'm sure these are the same 2 that I used in the first sock, because of the cast-on stitches I found on them. More investigation - sure enough, the sole stitches on the completed sock are slightly looser than the top of the foot! AAARRGGGHHHHH!

So, what should I do?
A) Ignore everything and keep going because that way the socks would match.
B) Rip out the 2nd toe and start over with 2 needles the same size.
C) Rip out both and start over with 2 needles the same size.
D) Throw it in the corner and start new socks using needles of the same size.

After all, I need something to work on while I'm at TKGA/CGOA conference this weekend in Oakland! I'm driving up tomorrow with Sandi, and maybe again Sunday by myself... And it's my birthday tomorrow, so getting to spend it doing what I love to do is just Heaven! But I've got to find something to work on!

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AlisonH said...

I hope you got some good Happy Birthday yarn!