Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How good is your vocabulary?

I was sent this link today to Free Rice. It's a great vocabulary game, and you're helping the world's hungry at the same time! Warning though - it's pretty addictive; although, that's a good thing because you'll be sending more rice for each word you correctly identify.

I'm consistently around Level 43 (out of 50), and I've donated over 800 grains today. How about you?


Eric said...

Cathy, This is Eric, Anabel's husband, I have a small daughter that you know from the library. Anabel told me about this entry on your blog and I am hooked. I float around 43 too. I got to 46 and held it for 3-4 words. It is such a thrilling game I've donated 1,850 grains this evening. Thanks for sharing. -E-

tiggerr said...

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh Thanks Kathy.

I'm at level 41 and I'm quad-lingual with English not my first language.

So there.

tiggerr said...

Ohoho oh oh I donated 1800 grains of rice so far.