Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wild Ride

Well, sorta! And I'm not talking about the new car, either.

We had an earthquake a little bit ago. More info here. The Dork and I were in the market at the bakery counter, as Hubby wanted something a bit sweet for dessert. A sharp jolt, then a rolling motion for several seconds. Everyone looked at each other, said "wow" and then went about their business. As The Dork said, "That's Californians for you!"

Hubby had just gotten home and punched the button to close the garage. It shakes a little anyway as it's closing, but he thought the shaking was the garage door needing repair. The Dog wasn't happy inside the house, as she hadn't been let out of her kennel yet.

No knitting tonight, though. Maybe in a bit - if I can stay awake.

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