Sunday, September 16, 2007

Time suck!

OMG, OMG, OMG -- I got my Ravelry invite in the mail this morning! Didn't think I would get it so soon, because there were about 1700 people ahead of me about a week ago. They're moving faster in getting the invites out, so hopefully you'll get there sooner than you think you will! Look me up, if you're on; my name is KathyinSanJose. "QueenofPurpleYarn" was too long, and "Purple Yarn" was already taken by someone in Ohio.

More later!

Edited to add: The title of this posting said it all. It's 2:30 AM; my alarm is going to go off at 6 AM, and I'm trying to extricate myself from Ravelry. Loaded up some stash photos onto my new Flickr page, got a few projects and stash yarns into Ravelry -- my eyes are getting blurry, but I need to add just one more bit of info, and then another... Somebody stop me quick!


Emy said... must be especially addictive if you're a librarian. ;)

Marie said...

Yes, those of us in the noble profession just can't stay away!


Cindy said...

Welcome and get off! No seriously, it is somewhat addictive, but it will calm down in a little bit. Definitely brings out the organizer in you though!

tiggerr said...

Ohhhhhh can I join and if I do what am I joining?

We need to meet soon by the way, got things to show you.

AlisonH said...

You got in, anyway! I've got 16k people ahead of me.