Monday, September 3, 2007

Catching up!

All right, so it took me longer than "tomorrow" to get pictures taken of my recent projects. In my defense, this "school has started, you have to work full-time" thing has taken all the daylight hours where I'm actually coherent. When I get home, even if it's still daylight, I haven't had enough brain cells to do more than eat, stare blankly at my blog feeds and fall over asleep.

Anyway, here's the info on the Kiri shawl:


Pattern: Kiri shawl from
All Tangled Up
(love this shawl, Polly!)
Yarn: Jaggerspun Zephyr (wool/silk)
Needles: size 5 (3.25 mm)
Started: 4/2/07
Finished: 6/21/07

Here's another view of Kiri, with Katja-the-goofy-dog and one of her favorite toys: In a perfect dog's world, balls would grow on trees. Our neighbor has a lemon tree and an apple tree which overhang into our backyard. We have permission to pick any fruit we can reach. But sometimes, lemons or apples fall off. Katja loves to carry them around, roll them at us using her nose, and eat them. There's not much that's funnier than watching her thought process..."I found a ball!" "hmmm, it tastes funny when I bite down on it" (Looks quizzically at it with her head tilted and the eyebrows raised) "but it's a ball!" Pounce...repeat.

Some Current WIPs:

The Pretty-in-pink sweater, crocheted in purple (of course!). This is the second try at this. The first was ripped out due to a delusional belief that it would be long enough. My gauge is different enough from the stated pattern gauge that I had to recalculate a bit. Because it's crocheted on the diagonal, with the bottom border integrated, it was a little deceptive about the length when I held it up to myself. I kept thinking that "it'll lengthen when I block it"... Who was I kidding? Myself, obviously. When I finished enough repeats and pinned it on myself to check, the border fell right across the middle of my stomach. NOT a good look, at all! So this is being redone, adding 3 inches to the length, which will work out just right (I hope).

Gemini Vest (from LaLana Wools). I love working with this silk! Soft, smooth, great color. According to the pattern, if I do this in silk, I have to go one pattern size down. But I'm adding a little extra length to it. Hope I have enough yarn to make it through, otherwise, I'll have to rip it for the 2nd time...

Ribby Cardi -- I need to redo the sleeve caps on this one, because my upper arms are not that slim. I really should get that done, then I'd have a new fall sweater. Rowan Yorkshire Tweed DK...This was started (eek) almost 3 years ago...

Sweater for A., our housemate. Really should get cracking on this one, as I'd like to have it done for Christmas. But she's a large-size gal, and I'm going to have to redo all the maths on the sweater style she chose. Sage-green Encore, mostly stockinette.

Oh, and I'm coordinating an afghan project for Chloe, AKA one of the Purl Girls. She's had a rough time of it lately, and I really want to send her hugs from everyone. If you can, make an 8x8" square with any yarn you have, in any pattern, knit/crochet/felted - doesn't matter, as long as it includes some red). Drop them off at Purlescence Yarns, or give them to me when you see me. I'm hoping to give it to her by early October, so any squares I can get before the end of September will be very welcome!

Lastly, here are 2 pictures of The Dork.
Here, he's dressed for the first day of 10th grade, which included Matriculation ("I promise to be a good student and citizen and to be nice to the new freshmen, even though I really hate having to wear formal clothes...").

The fencing dork at practice. "Mom, don't take my picture or I'll use my epee on your camera!"



seltsame said...

I didn't know you had a blog. Yay, one more for the blogroll! Your kiri shawl looks fantastic and I'll do some pondering on the squares.

Cindy said...

I'll second the "didn't know you had a blog"!
My youngest daughter used to fence! She trained with Natasha at the Fencing Center in San Jose. Epee huh? Very cool!

tiggerr said...

I know you have a blog, but like me you don't have much time to blog.
Your shawl is DEVINE!!!!!!

I'm so impressed!

Oh and the square, I need to cast on soon don't I?