Monday, April 7, 2008

Recovering from Spring Break

You know how you always dream of taking an extra day off at one end of a vacation...well, this was not the way to do it.

I'm spending some time recovering, not only from a busy Spring Break, but from this ugly upper respiratory thing that I came down with a few days ago. I hate rediscovering muscles in my mid-section that are really sore from coughing. It really hit on Saturday when I drove up to Chico with the Dork for a fencing competition. Not easy to drive while you are sneezing and coughing!

Dork did well in the Foil competition, coming in tied for 3rd place out of 11. In Epee, he was seeded at 11th out of 28 and lost in the second direct elimination round to a crafty older guy who happens to own a fencing club in the East Bay! But it meant leaving the house at 5:45 AM and arriving back home at 9:30 PM. The short kid in the picture is The Dork, fencing against a guy who has to be at least 6'8", more than a foot taller than he is! He lost this bout - his opponent is a top-rated fencer.

Knitting content: I finished the foot on Hubby's Midsummer sock #2 during this competition. Almost no knitting, however, while I vegetated at home yesterday. Hubby took Dork up to the other competition in San Rafael.

It's Spring!
Everything has decided to start growing like, well, wildflowers! Poppies, ceanothus, elderberry... (click for bigger)

By the way, we are on the list for the California Native Garden tour again this year, to be held on Sunday, April 20 for Santa Clara County. If you'd like to see how people have landscaped using plants native to this area, please sign up for the free Going Native Garden Tour. After you register, you will be provided all the addresses to the gardens and you can choose which ones you'd like to see.

Alternately, email me and you can drop by for a private tour and knitting!

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