Monday, February 25, 2008

Recovering from Stitches West

Wow, what a time we had at Stitches!

Even though I spent much of my time on Thursday & Friday being the Passport Queen (for Ravelry passports), and Sat/Sun showing off the wonderful yarns at Purlescence's booth, I certainly did have time to shop. Budget? What budget?!

Jasmin and I got into it over this wonderful roving from Royal Hare. She got a pound (I think?) and I got 8 oz.

Hubby and I got into it over this yarn from Fiber Fiend. So I went back and got more from Margit.

And The Dork and I got into it over this from Brooks Farm. Hard to tell from the picture, but it's a very dark purple and black yarn. So I bought him this instead to make a hoodie.

However, these are mine, all mine - dyed by Creative (the seawool and the merino/tencel roving) and Lisa Souza (the Berry Poppins BFL on the right) (insert evil laughter...)

But no matter how much I want to work with the stuff I just bought, I need to finish something that's on the needles first!


Jasmin said...

Bwa ha ha! A pound of happy goodness. ;)

tiggerr said...

Clown Roving!

You know it's not purple, right?