Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm still here...

Well, where have I been since I last wrote --

* Still coughing, but at least I don't feel like my lungs will explode. It's getting better slowly. Love the codeine cough syrup for nighttime and the regular stuff for day, and my inhalers every 4 hours...

* Knitting

Really, Twist is coming along - this is the right front; you just can't tell it's
growing because I'm not getting much time on it. Other things keep getting in the way.

Such as:

* Spinning

This is the Tobacco Road superwash fiber for a handknit scarf for The Hubby to take to Winter Camp in Minnesota - in mid-February! I'm over 2/3 done with the spinning.

* Crocheting

A ripple baby afghan for an upcoming baby shower. I thought I had another week. Last Friday, I got word that the shower will be this coming Thursday. This is Bernat Denimstyle that was in the stash. This yarn is not quite discontinued; however, no one in the area carries it any longer, so I have to use what I have available.

I wasn't sure whether or not I'd make it in time, but went ahead and started Saturday evening (tried one other pattern on Saturday AM and ripped it back). Some time put in on Sunday and lots of time spent at Purlescence today, and I'm about 2 rounds short of being done. It's about 45" across from point to point.

* Home stuff

Removed and capped off the sprayer hose on our sink, which didn't play well with the new portable dishwasher. The dishwasher gets hooked up to the sink faucet, and the back pressure split the seam on the sprayer attachment, with the result being at least 5 gallons of water on our kitchen floor and more on the counters and windows. At least the kitchen floors are clean! I guess I need to get a shop vac. The job would have been much quicker and a lot easier on my back than using the mop! The toaster was also a casualty as it no longer pops up! We've had a couple of charred pieces of toast until we realized what happened.

Imagine me contorted under the sink, trying not to smash my nose against the pipes, working with a pipe wrench in a space that is not conducive to raising my arm very high. Better yet, don't imagine it - it's not a pretty sight! The little brass cap between the two copper pipes is what I was trying to put in and torque down enough so that we had no further water issues.

Removed and replaced both the deadbolt and door lock on the front door. When your key won't easily go into the lock, nor does it want to come out when you do get it in, that's a sign that a new one is necesary. It was all easy to replace, considering that I didn't have to start from scratch, drilling holes into a new door! (Yes, I know the door jamb needs painting...)

And in my many trips to the hardware store, I've acquired another great blocking tool! These foam flooring squares were under $10 for 12 square feet! You can see them in use in my Twist picture above. (Orchard Supply Hardware, if anyone is interested) I may have to go back for a 2nd package!

I'm all about items that can be inexpensively repurposed into knitters' tools.

For example, piano wire from the hobby store has become my blocking wires (0.048 to 0.040 [1.2-1.0 mm] 4 or 5 pieces, 36" long for $2-3.00). I cleaned them with a little WD-40 to take off the slightly greasy finish, and they're fabulous for lace blocking! Contrast that with the Lace blocking wires at (nothing against them, mind you), that are 12 straight wires, 2 flexible wires, plus T-pins and a yardstick for $30, or the 51"x33" Space Board for blocking at $90. I don't have that kind of money - actually, I'd rather spend it on yarn, rather than expensive versions of something I can find at a much lower price.

The crocheting and the house stuff got done over the 3-day weekend. I'm feeling a sense of accomplishment!

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no-blog-rachel said...

The wires and mat - I call those 'shopping conquests' when you get something great for minimal $$. Nice work!