Saturday, January 5, 2008


Be a good Beast* car for someone else!

The paperwork was easy, the transfer of liability already filed with the DMV online, and hopefully Cars4Causes can fix it up and sell it for a few hundred dollars. 50% minus towing fees goes to the organization of my choice (RAFT) and the rest goes to Cars4Causes.

*Her name is The Beast so if I got mad and yelled at her, I was just calling her by her given name, so she wouldn't get mad at me.


tiggerr said...

I like that, naming her Beast.
We settled with the insurance company for the Tank and it looks like we need to let go of him too.
The dilemma is how much to fix of the dent/fender if we do.

New car for me talks have resumed, think Ford Escape thoughts will you?

AlisonH said...

Yeah, we once had a Chevy that got me introduced to every tow truck driver in town. The Beast would have been a great name for it.