Friday, January 11, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

Well, there WAS forward Twist progress...until I realized that I had mucked up the left front by one stitch when I had done the set-up row after the ribbing. You'll have to imagine that you can see it, because the left front is frogged back to the ribbing. No wonder the shoulder looked a bit wonky in the decreases! The awful realization hit when I started the cable pattern on the right front and realized that the cables lined up very nicely with the ribbing, unlike on the previous try.

That's okay though, I realized it before I bound off! I wasn't happy with those decreases, and wanted a 2nd opinion on it, so I left the remaining stitches on a holder until I could show someone, then started the other front.

At least the knitting and reknitting has kept me sane this week. Besides a wild work week trying to shepherd 3rd graders through their first big research project (note-taking, paraphrasing, bibliography), all 3 of us are doing the asthmatic cough thing. [Yep, it's bad when a storyteller can't tell stories...]

I took The Hubby over to the health clinic Monday night after he complained of light-headedness and tingly fingers after a hard coughing fit. We now own a nebulizer for breathing treatments, but he's also dealing with another sinus infection. I've not paid attention to my breathing because I was trying to deal with his, and it spiraled out of control. Yes, I went to the doctor today! Love the codeine cough syrup for night, and my Robitussin for daytime! Then The Dork decided to skip fencing this weekend because he's got a headache and cough...

Not sure whether I'll end up knitting at Purlescence this weekend. I don't want you all to hear the cough, and I can't talk very long without coughing, so typing may have to do. Sleep would be nice too...


Cindy/Snid said...

Oh yuck. I do hope that you all feel better soon! That is one nice thing about the climate here. I feel as if I have warmed up and dried out and all signs of pending winter colds have vanished!

Get well!!!!!

tiggerr said...

I was at the Girls yesterday and slowly started to feel like crud.
Went home, ate and went to bed at a reasonable time.
Woke up, by myself, at 6:25.
Can't win.

Playing on DD's laptop since then.

Feel better.

no-blog-rachel said...

Wow. I frogged the 1st 4" of Twist - wasn't getting gauge even though I'd swatched, then I restarted but have to frog about 4 rows due to a sudden inability to follow directions (though I still play pretty well with others). I'm sorry you have to frog're not alone! :)

Hope you and yours feel better soon. One of these days when you do, we should get together at/near our houses and knit. Can you imagine, not driving 30 miles RT to knit? It's possible - really!


Marie said...

Too bad about Twist! Hope you all start feeling better soon.