Sunday, November 18, 2007

Someone stop me, please!

Okay, so I show you 3 things that I started earlier this week because of 2 FOs. Well, none of those things are still at the top of the list to get done right this minute.

"What!?" you say, "those were great projects!"
"Yes", I say, "but they weren't the RIGHT projects, right then". Either that, or I'm just another unfaithful yarnie.

Diamond Fantasy shawl - soft, enjoyed working on it, looking good in the SeaSilk. But my hands hurt, and the pattern is not quite intuitive for me yet. Christmas was an artificial deadline, and I don't think I can get 2 shawls/scarves done by then.

Juno Regina - great pattern, still hankering to work on it, but I've realized that I don't need another scarf/shawl right now. Also, I can't read Miriam's charts correctly (my fault, not hers)! When you're supposed to K on the right side and P on the wrong side, and you can't remember which side you're on, even though it's pretty obvious which side is in stockinette, it's a project that's not meant to be until you find the brain cells which have gone on vacation. Oh, and by the way, a O in the chart does mean "yarn over", not "stare stupidly at the symbols and try to figure out what it means..."

Spinning - okay, it's the one thing that is going well.

So, what to do? Start yet more projects!

Almost two years ago I bought YarnPlace's Vivace, a bamboo yarn. My plan then was to knit a scarf for my son's middle school choir director - their choir is called "Vivace". Got about 10 inches done, and it was set aside. But they've now changed directors, and I couldn't figure out which row I was on in a basic fishnet lace (pathetic, I know). Oh! My boss is having a birthday in a couple weeks, and I could make a scarf for her. Find the fishnet stitch pattern, start all over -- still can't deal with a YO, K2tog pattern! Try a couple things, rip them out...decide to get her a gift certificate instead! [And then decide to try another pattern with it...we'll see.]

Remember my pathetic sock story from a couple months ago with the socks on 2 different sized needles? Well, since I reclaimed the 2.5 mm from the Pink Dot socks, I'm just going to make the second sock match the first, with a slightly looser sole.

And, I started another pair of socks, this pair for The Hubby, using STR in Midsummer Night. We're going to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival next summer and "Midsummer Night's Dream" is one of the plays. I need to make his socks, mine will be in Peaseblossom, and I'm not sure what I'll make The Dork's pair in. (not the "Little Bunny Foo-foo" in the picture!) Teenage boys are so difficult!

Stay tuned to see what actually happens!

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tiggerr said...

Ofcourse I like the Mid Summers Night.
Wonder why?

Staying tuned btw.