Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pattern search continued...

Emy said in yesterday's comments:
"Pattern: Go to the Patterns tab, and under that search box, click "try the pattern browser". On that page, you can narrow down all of the patterns within Ravelry by a couple of things, including weights and categories (blanket, pullovers, shawl/wrap, etc.). You can also click multiple items in each section - lace AND DK weight, baby AND blanket, etc.)"

Thanks - that's a partial answer to what I want, and I spent some time looking through what other people have done. I think what I'd love to find is a database where you could input the gauge you're getting from your yarn & needles AND how much yarn you have (and the size you want to make) to narrow down your choices.
Example: I have 6 hanks of the Classy (1500 yards). Ballband gauge is 4.5-5 st/in. I like the fabric at 5-5.5 st/in (size 8 & 7s, respectively) I don't like it at 4.5 (size 9)- waaay too floppy for me.

I thought that Twist would look really good in the Classy. And I have enough for what the pattern calls for in my size, 1430 yards (with collar) However, my inability to get gauge (4.75) is driving me nuts. If I make the next larger size with my slightly smaller gauge, MATH says that I ought to be in my target size. HOWEVER, it will require more yarn (1650 yards) and that I don't have!

I do know that I'll save some yarn by virtue of the fact that I'm short and have short arms, and will adjust accordingly, but will it be enough? Should I chance it only to discover I need more than a few extra yards?
Then, I contemplated my stash database, which I could sort by total yardage, and in looking over my choices that have enough yardage, I realize that only 2 are worsted weight, and neither are suitable for this pattern. I guess that's what I get for buying yarn first and trying to match it to a pattern later!

Yes, I'll be at Purlescence Yarns' Pajama jammie jam sale tomorrow, but I don't want to add too much to the stash, especially not a full sweaters' worth.

Other updates:
The Dork has new shoes, found at Nordstrom Rack, similar to these these . They're flat and flexible and he liked the fit, so I bought 2 pairs.

New dishwasher is on it's way and will be delivered tomorrow! The sales clerk at Western Appliance said that the day before a major food holiday is when they get the people with unrealistic expectations. "Could you deliver and hook up my new gas stove on Thanksgiving so I can cook?" That wasn't me!

While I was shopping for the dishwasher, The Hubby ran the heater and only set the alarm off once. This morning, it was 64 degrees when I got up, and I'm not wrapped in multiple layers. Thanks sweetie!

Off to make cranberry sauce and prep the other stuff for the yummy feast tonight. Happy Turkey Day to everyone!

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Emy said...

That would be a dream, wouldn't it? It's possible that it's in the works for Ravelry; I'm not sure I know of anywhere else that would even come close to having all of that data available in one spot, much less the opportunity to filter it all down.