Saturday, November 14, 2009


Last Monday was so cold in the morning when I left for work that I scraped ice off my car windows. The thermometer read 40°F. My hands were so cold that I did what any good knitter does - cast on some gloves right after I got home. The left one is done (sans thumb ribbing) and was super easy. It's the Mitt Envy pattern from Weezalana. Nicely written, the pattern was easy to follow, cable pattern was intuitive. There are mirror image instructions for the right mitt. I'm using Handmaiden Casbah (yummy cashmere-blend) in a beautiful rich purple that refuses to photograph nicely.

So I started the right one. This is the point at which my brain says "I know what I'm doing. I don't have to read all the instructions through because the cable rows are the same."

Yeah, they are the same - but I managed to miss one crucial part. Here's a picture of the two mitts next to each other.

Can you spot the mistake?

Can you see it now? It wasn't the cable pattern that I goofed on. I missed the "K8" part after the cable and BEFORE the gusset increases.

Now to rip out 21 rows...sigh!


Marie said...

Oh well, at least it's 21 relatively short rows!

Stacie said...

I'm just admiring your ability to cable without losing your place in the pattern rows. Love the mittens--such a lovely shade of . . . purple! Have you seen the windshield scraper that has a glove attached so you can keep your hand warm through the process? Guess that's what mittens are for!

AlisonH said...

And if those were knitted up out of Romney fleeces they could run for President... (ducking!)