Monday, November 16, 2009


Homework report heard this afternoon:

"Mom, I have to create a Shinto shrine by Wednesday. And I want to do it in Legos.

Yeah, I know I need to get the bin out of my closet. I think it'll be mostly white and red.

I kinda got the idea from this Lego Golden Temple."

I'd forgotten just how many Legos we owned! The blue bin is a 30-gallon tote.

And how crazy is it that my Librarian brain said "we should probably sort them out better...hmmm - by size, color, type of piece (windows, angled roof, Technics...)"


Marie said...

I love it - a Shinto temple made of Legos!

A couple of years ago we spent several days sorting all the Legos in the house by color - and that's all the kids' legos and the Italian's legos from his childhood. And my husband's freakish combination of virgo personality and design sensibilities meant that we even had to separate the "warm grey" pieces from the "cold grey" pieces.

kamaaina said...

Oh, pleeeease tell me you took a picture of the Shinto shrine. The thought of a Shinto shrine made of Legos makes me so happy!

ranch101 said...

What a wonderful idea your son had! And your idea strikes chords with me, too. A couple years ago, I had the opportunity to assist with a Lego class my first grader took. It was lots of fun, and there were bins and bins of sorted Legos, though not sorted the ways I would, but more by structural use.