Friday, August 8, 2008


Yes, I have been knitting like a crazy woman. No, I haven't finished everything that I said I'd finish...and I only have 10 days before I need to be back at school. Ack! Where did the summer go?!

But, I need to cast on for the Ravelympics 2008!

Project: Cardigan to Love by Lynda Cyr
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Green Line Worsted
Color: Dusk (purples!)
Gauge: approx. 18 st/4 inches
Needles: size 8 for the lace, size 9 for the stockinette

But a spectacular equipment failure has set me back several hours already!

I swatched last night at Purlescence's Knit Night. The yarn was a little stiff and it felt like a lot of lanolin or spinning oil was still in it. But I thought it was okay to work with. After a brief water bath, it was soft and supple and I was pretty close to gauge.

But this morning, after an early morning rise (no, not 5 AM for the opening ceremonies), I started. But after finishing 2 repeats on the lace, I realized that I was heading for an injury if I continued to use the yarn in this form. The more I knit, the stickier the yarn felt.

And, take a look at this! See the dye on my hands? It only took a couple of rows worth of knitting to get my fingers this color. (It's very hard to take a picture of your hand stretched out in front of you - sorry!)

Into a water bath all 5 skeins went! Now I'm waiting for it to dry so I can wind it and re-swatch.

Meanwhile, there really has been other knitting:

Exhibit A: Adult-sized hat to match the scarf that The Hubby knit
This one is a seed stitch rib (thanks Sandi!) in the round. The scarf doesn't exactly match (Broken Rib stitch), but it coordinates quite nicely.
Yarn: Fiber Fiend's worsted wool
Color: Woodland
Needles: Size 9

Exhibit B: Socks (in progress) - this is my "purse knitting" that comes out whenever I have a few minutes.

Exhibit C: Twist (really!), 98% finished, just waiting for the collar to be knit, a full blocking, and some pewter clasps.

But - runs outside to check how the yarn is drying - I want to work on my new sweater NOW! (This way I'll have 2 new sweaters for the beginning of school.)

Doesn't hurt that The Hubby and The Dork are heading to family camp tomorrow AM early and won't be back until Wednesday night. I can stay up and knit as long as my hands hold out!

Oh, and speaking of The Dork, Mari gave me this awesome T-shirt the other day! Thanks, Sis!

Okay, gotta go check on the yarn again!

4 comments: said...

Nothing fazes you, does it? You just took five skeins and washed them all without letting them get tangled, hung them up (clever spot!) to dry, and now you are back in business. Surely Lorna's Laces needs to know about this "equipment failure." Imagine if you hadn't been able to get the lanolin out and wasted $$ on it! Anyway as the Aussies say, good on you!

Anonymous said...


Good luck recovering from the equipment failure!

BTW, Purlescence got a new order in today, Classic Elite Miracle (50% alpaca/50% tencel) that has not one but three shades of purple in it. There's this gorgeously rich, deep, royal purple that I thought I might have to fight you for. I'm still drooling over it, even now.

AlisonH said...

Dork Peppermint Patties. And dyeing yourself to match your knitting. You do have too much fun!

seltsame said...

Can't wait to see Twist. It looks gorgeous.