Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic update

Well, after the drama of the equipment failure over the weekend, I made the decision to switch out the faulty equipment and start over.

Much as I loved the Green Line Worsted, it was not the right yarn for the project. The realization hit when I'd gotten a couple inches into the lace on the sleeve, and it was a little too chunky-looking, not drapey like I wanted. Of course it wasn't apparent in the swatch.

Replacement equipment: Dream in Color Classy in the color "Good Luck Jade", which I thought was an appropriate choice for the Olympic knitting (and the fact that I need lots of luck to get this done).

Progress: The pieces are all knit from the bottom-up, so the lace portions are done first. I've done the first sleeve to the armhole, and the 2nd is well on its way. I should be casting on for the body by this evening. When that is done to the armholes (12" of lace, then the sleeves are joined and it's all stockinette from there! The color shows up better in the bottom picture.

Warning - Olympic-sized Rant ahead:
I've talked with a lot of people about the TV coverage of the Olympics. I've written letters every Olympic year to the networks about the fact that this is an International Competition. Every time, I have the same issues and lots of people have agreed with me! Why in more than 20 years isn't someone at the networks listening!?!? (and why am I so addicted to watching every minute I can, even though I know I'll end up getting angry at the broadcasters).

1. Please let us see some athletes other than the ones competing for the gold. Some preliminary rounds would be nice, instead of 15 replays of the gold-medal race.
2. Please let us see other nations other than the top-ranked, larger contingents, and not just the "feel-good, look how much this person has overcome" segments.
3. Please show fewer hours of basketball (because we can see all the same pro athletes during the regular season) and show some of the lesser known sports during prime-time.

Sure, I understand that there's a lot of pressure on Michael Phelps to get lots of gold medals, not to play down his incredible athleticism and the fact that he definitely rules the pool, but do you have to keep going on and on (and on) about it?! We know that he's gotten 9 gold medals so far in his Olympic career; is there anyone who doesn't know that?

Yes, there is more TV coverage than ever, but there are those of us (and I know I can't be the only one) who don't have HD televisions yet. And, those of us who don't have Tivo either. So, if you have something called "a job" and have to be "physically at the job site" during the day when a few of the less popular sports are run (if they're televised at all), you're out of luck unless you can get your VCR to work. I was able to see a badminton match (but only one and only because it was a US athlete) yesterday morning only because I didn't have anywhere to be until 1 PM.

Yes, I know that I can see some of it "on-demand" through Comcast, but not much. Yes, I know that there is a lot of online content. However, I'd need to get a new computer in order to take advantage of the online videos, as NBC's videos are not available for the Macs that are running PowerPC chips, only the Intel versions.

So, I'm wondering if it's all a conspiracy to get the American public to spend more money on the latest technology while leaving those who can't afford or can't justify the increased spending on new equipment.

End of rant!

Gotta go knit!

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Anonymous said...

Swimming is my rant. You'd think only Americans are swimming right?

The Dutch women took gold in the relay and did it get shown?

And Captain Obvious aka Costas? I have to mute him when he comes on.

(Mari here)