Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm back!

Had a great time at the American Library Association's conference last weekend. Several good seminars, 6+ hours in the enormous exhibit hall, lots of author sightings, the Newbery and Caldecott Awards banquet, book cart drill team world championships, estimated 22,000 attendees...

Also included: time spent with family. Dinner with my in-laws (including SIL and niece), breakfast with my parents, sis and her kids. These are my sister's: A is 10, S is 8, G is 4. And of course, there is The Dork. He was staying with my parents because The Hubby was in New Hampshire at a separate event, and I wasn't going to leave a 16-year old home for 5 days!

And there was Disney's California Adventure, which was do-able because we only had about 5 hours to spend there. I would probably have been disappointed in trying to get to everything in Disneyland and not succeeding because of the time constraints.

The new Toy Story Mania ride is Awesome, even though I clearly do not play arcade games very well the first time around! It's a fun combination of a ride with 3-D games. The Dork did a great job on the blue side of the car. Me, on the red side, not so good! If the lines hadn't been so long (between 30-40 min.), we might have tried again and again and again.

Just for Mari: you found Tigger, I got Minnie to hold my sock!

I wanted to get both she and Mickey together, but he was heading in for some lemonade. It was over 80 degrees in the sun, and I can't imagine how hot it was if you were one of the characters!

There really was knitting involved with this weekend! Maureen, to answer your question, there are a lot of knitting librarians. I saw 4 others at the conference, and I wasn't really looking. Several more said that it was a great idea to bring their knitting and that they would next time. At the public library, my boss gets several staff members together around once a month to knit or crochet.

I finished the pair of Grumpy socks for me. The 2nd sock was cast on in the airport on the way down on Thursday, and finished on Sunday afternoon. Somehow, I managed to get an entire pair of socks, women's size 7, stockinette, with 3" ribbed 4x2 cuffs out of a single skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, 50 g. Hmmm, that means I have to do something with the 2nd skein I bought...

Bedtime sounds better right now, though! My goal in the morning is to reorganize my knitting books and patterns. It'll have to wait until I know if The Hubby needs to hide out in the bedroom all day tomorrow. He's not feeling well - and we'll blame it on the unnamed airline that he took getting home from New Hampshire. Let's just say that it took over 24 hours, due to a delayed plane, an unintended overnight in Los Angeles, having missed the connecting flight. No wonder he's gotten sick!

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What an interesting and adventure-filled trip! (except for the delays and snafus at the airport!) Sounds like you really did it up right.

tiggerr said...

Minnie Rocks too!