Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Away for a few days

Well, this afternoon I'll be heading for the American Library Association's annual conference, held down in Anaheim this year. Hmmm, what to pack?

-- Clothes, preferably somewhat professional (what's clean and ironed?)
-- Super-comfy shoes
-- Pad of paper to take notes with (no laptop for me - I can't type and listen at the same time)
-- KNITTING! What to take that is mindless enough to work on...
1. Socks? I've finished the first sock of two pairs (my Toe-up Monkeys and the stripey Grumperina socks), so should probably finish the mates to them.
2. Scarf?
3. Baby blanket (crocheted is the most mindless for me, but which pattern?)
4. Lace? Something easy that I don't have to think too hard about...

I'm renting a car to get us - 3 librarians - to and from the hotel and to go visit my parents, who are hosting The Dork until Monday. The Hubby headed to a different event in New Hampshire yesterday.

Hmmm, can I sneak away and go to Disneyland? (can I afford the $$$?! It's $66 for one adult for one park. A one-day Park Hopper pass for both Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure is $91.) But I haven't been there in 4-5 years. Back when The Hubby and I were dating, we had annual passports, and The Park was part of a typical Friday Night Date.

I really need to get packing...

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Maureen said...

Just a random thought... how many librarians do you know that knit? In our district we 6 elem lms and 4 of us knit. Meetings go a lot faster that way!! Have a great time at ALA! Very exciting! Would love to see detailed posting if you get a chance!