Sunday, December 30, 2007

Only a few more days...

...of vacation. As we were driving home a couple days ago, I had this sudden panic attack:

Small Voice of Panic:
"Oh no, I have school on Wednesday! What am I going to do with the kids?! I don't have a lesson plan yet! They're coming in 1st period; that doesn't give me enough time to come up with anything when I get in that morning! Quick, what can I do?! Help!!!

Voice of Reason:
"Yes, you do have a lesson plan, remember? You were going to introduce the research project that Mr. S is having them do."

Small Voice of Not-So-Much Panic:
"Right... Okay, I'm better now. Maybe I should concentrate on driving... Now, how much knitting time does that give me?"

Christmas was a (mostly) fun time at the House of Mom & Dad.

The good news: everyone got something that they requested.

I got to "take-over" my 6 month-old nephew all Christmas evening.

The nieces and nephews were tons of fun,
including a screaming tickle-fest between my Hubby, A (10-years), and 2-1/2 year-old N (Baby is N's little brother).

The girls (A's 7- and 3-1/2 year old sisters) and The Dork had their own tickle time going.

The bad news: Hubby would really like a new set of lungs that don't react to dust mites. His current set of lungs have gone hypersensitive to dust, and that would include every piece of upholstered furniture in both my parents' and my sister-in-law's houses. We're going to have to install hardwood floors a little earlier than originally planned, I think. That means going through and dealing with all the stuff on the floor in all the rooms.

In actual knitting news (yes, there was knitting involved, but not too much because I had an armful of Baby I), with the exception of weaving in the ends, the Natalya wristers and the Mistake Rib scarf is done (both from Cascade 220 Superwash)

and the Dashing fingerless gloves are 3/4 finished (need to do the thumb on one and I'm only a couple inches from the end of the other.)


AlisonH said...

As an officially designated Baby Snatcher myself, I love that photo of you holding the little one!

Emy said...

I am in love with your banner.

Oh wait, did you write something below it? Perhaps I should tear my eyes away from the pretty yarn picture...what? Were you saying something? ;)