Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Amy Singer rocks!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to spend both days knitting at one of my favorite places with Amy Singer! Her book is a wealth of information about non-animal fibers, as well as some beautiful patterns.

Saturday was the No Sheep for You discussion and some swatching of hemp yarn and Calmer to see the different characteristics. I really have to get some Calmer now -- not that I need any more yarn! {Edited to add: Thanks Emy for the correction: we swatched hemp and Rowan Bamboo Tape. We talked a lot about the Calmer, though!}

I took the Tuscany class on Sunday, and started by using a ribbon yarn that I bought at Stitches a few years ago. Really like the look...really did not like the feel of the fabric! Too stiff for a shawl. I think this yarn would be be a great summer top. However, I had an inspiration and realized that I have some gorgeous handpainted Tencel laceweight Almaza. I love how it's working up - and by using the Addi Turbo lace needles, I'm actually able to to the k3tog pretty easily. Isn't it purty!

Of course, I need to put it down and work on the 3/4-done Clapotis - I think that's finally long enough and I need to start decreasing! I spent the rest of the day just hanging out and laughing and talking and knitting!

THEN, yesterday, I left work on the dot of 12:30 PM. Those of you who know me know that I NEVER leave right on time. There's always one last little thing to finish or another kid who comes up with a question. But, I needed to get up to Artfibers. If you have never been there, you HAVE to go! Met up with the ladies from Purlescence who were showing Amy a great time in SF. Nathania has a great account of the day (and she got better pictures than I did)! Or take a look at Amy's SF picture set here. I was really good and only bought 1 cone of Liana which should be plenty to make Cookie A's Katrina Rib sweater. Not that I have any time...

Need to get back to the needles!


Emy said...

I thought we swatched hemp and that Rowan Bamboo Tape on Saturday?

SO jealous that you got to go to Artfibers with them. LOVE Artfibers.

Mmmm...Hana Silk. I have something like 1200 yds of that in this amazing deep eggplant color, so dark purple that's practically black. That might be my next Tuscany shawl. Or something.

Emy said...

Yeah, we did talk about Calmer a lot because it's a great yarn. You totally need some of that. ;)