Friday, January 1, 2010

Year-end roundup

Annual Christmas merriment with our families are done for another year. It's amazing how quickly the kids are growing and becoming their own personalities. The Dork had fun with his cousins, playing with his camera and trying to corral all the young cousins.

Mom/Aunt Kathy, do you have to take our pictures?! We really hate it when you do! Are you done yet? Teenagers!

There was lots of eating involved! The Hat is one of our favorite places to go, and not just because there is pastrami. The Dork managed, barely, to finish a Pastrami Burger.

Enormous portions were consumed. We've learned to share sandwiches and only ask for one order of onion rings.
There was rapid consumption of a wonderful bread pudding souffle at the Palace Grill in Santa Barbara. We've been going there for more than 20 years. Yum!

Oh yes, there has been knitting -  but only one holiday project. I've finished 2 scarves:

Horizontal Rib Scarf (from One More Skein by Leigh Radford)
Mirasol Nuna, 1.3 skeins, approx. 5" x 70" long
Size US 6 needles
Started Dec. 20, finished Dec. 23
Still needs blocking before I can gift it

Another Scrunchable Scarf, a great mindless knitting pattern, each row is the same.
Mirasol K'acha, 3 skeins
Approximately 5"x54"
Size US 8 needles
Started August 28, finished Dec. 28

Socks! 2x2 rib, toe-up, Fleegle heel
Regia Galaxy Saturn, ~ 265 yards (60 grams of the 100 gram ball)
Size US 0 needles
Started August 22, finished Dec. 30

And I started a hat for The Hubby in Cascade's Lana d'Oro paints. I was trying to get it done before midnight, but changed my mind about the pattern and ripped back a couple inches. It should be my first FO of 2010.

Final tally for the year - 23 projects, using just over 12,500 yards of yarn. That's over 3K more yards than I used last year!

3 baby blankets
7 scarves
3 pairs of socks
2 hats
1 crocheted doily
1 pair fingerless gloves
4 shawls (only 1 was lace)
2 sweaters

For this new year, I'm participating in the UFO Smackdown started by Nathania. I will be ripping out a few projects to reclaim the yarn, but this should motivate me to finish 10 UFOs that have been laying around or hiding from me this year. I may discover a few more, but at least 10 will be finished before 2011.

Here's to a wonderful 2010. I hope your New Year brings you and your family much happiness and health and fun!


Jasmine said...

I wish I had known about "the hat" when we were still down in SoCal! Remind me next holiday season when we go down :-)

Stacie said...

So much tantalizing food--jealous! I love the FO's you showed, and the horizontal rib scarf caught my eye! That's a great look!