Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Okay Life, you are not amusing right now!

My FIL tripped last night and is currently in surgery for a spiral fracture of his femur near the hip.

A dear friend is dealing with a rare form of abdominal cancer.

Alison is recovering from colon surgery.

In the grand scheme of things, my griping about some of my students who think that Australia is one of the States is very minor. But it's more than just a couple...

I really need a break. Luckily, that's coming up next week. We have President's week off, and I can't wait! Yes, there has been knitting going on, but no pictures yet.

More later when I have some brain power back...


Sandi said...

Oh dear! Anything I can do to help?

Marie said...

Here's hoping all the best for you and your friends and family.

Join us on Friday next week for knitting - we'd love to see you!

AlisonH said...

Ouch! Give him my best wishes for a speedy recovery.