Sunday, December 28, 2008

Year-End F.O. Round Up

Let's see, how did I do this year? Thanks to Ravelry, I counted:

Baby blankets - 3 (plus 1 quilt)
Baby sweater - 1
Hats - 1
Scarves - 5
Shawls - 2
Socks - 5
Sweaters - 2
19 knit/crocheted FOs for 2008

Can I make it to 20? Which project should I finish?


Stacie said...

Easy! Finish the project closest to being done. 8^) That's quite a tally for the year. Don't your fingers hurt?

Marie said...

Did you make it to 20? I have no idea what I knit last year - I'm just glad I made it through the year in relatively one piece.
BTW, I just finally posted in response to your tag on the 4th photo meme.