Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

We have just enjoyed a wonderful meal - smoked turkey, mashed sweet potatoes, swiss chard, homemade cranberry sauce - and I'm now digesting on the couch. I'll be knitting as soon as I'm finished with this post. After the Hubby leaves to head to a gathering in Oakland, I'll roll myself in to the shower before heading over to Sandi's house for more fun and merriment.

I'm thankful for my family, my health, the weather (eating outside on the back patio in late November!), a roof over my head, food to eat and of course, all my friends, both virtual and in person.

Believe it or not, our garden is still producing! Those 2 Fuyu persimmons at the top were all we got off the tree this year - but we did not have to fight the squirrels for them this time. They've discovered someone else's tree in the neighborhood, and while running the fence line sometimes drop the persimmons in our yard. The Dog then gets something yummy! And yes, we still have some tomatoes. Those are San Marzano tomatoes but they're the last of the crop.

Hope your Thanksgiving was spent with people you love!

3 comments: said...

What a lovely T-Day! We too were enjoying the lovely filtered sunlight and warmish temps. I love your persimmon story--funny ironies of life. As it happens, I'd been given many Fuyu persimmons by a friend whose tree raneth over, and I made a persimmon cake to take to our friends for the turkey day celeb. It was soooooo good that I'm saving the recipe! When your tree produces a ton, you can use up six or eight of them this way--
Hope you had fun at the Purlescence fete this a.m. and are back at home sleeping like a sensible person. 8^)

tiggerr said...

Happy Thanksgiving sis.

I'm pretty sure where I'll be able to find you today!

AlisonH said...


And I'm sitting here remembering a Thanksgiving with 12+" of snow, where the town didn't want to pay double overtime to the snowplow drivers, so they simply kept them grounded. You were where you were. We'll let you out tomorrow. It was very quiet and lovely and our guests certainly didn't make it.