Saturday, July 7, 2007


Well, this is the beginning of my blogging career. Not sure right now how often I'll get to updating, but I've been thinking about it for a while. I intend to post projects I'm working on (in any of my crafts), things about being a mom of a teenager, and any other random thoughts that flit through my mind.

Currently in the queue and vying for my attention:

Baby blanket for my soon-to-be-born nephew (next week...)
Scarf/shawl for a co-worker
Swatch/pattern using a new yarn from my LYS. They're having problems visualizing it and so far, so am I.
Sweater for our housemate
Sweater for my hubby
Summer top for me - if I'm lucky, it will even be done this summer, but there are no guarantees!
My poor spinning wheel has been neglected for the last few months, too.

Now, of course, if I keep working on this posting, I won't get anything done!

Thanks for reading!

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no-blog-rachel said...

You blog! Welcome to the dark side! (bwahahahahha...)

We really do need to get together and meet for coffee/tea/whatever and a bit of knitting one of these days.